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A wedding film will let you replay the most special moments of your relationship, and let you relive your special day, seeing other perspectives you might not have missed. It is something your loved ones can cherish generations to come.

We are a team of video creatives who specialize in Weddings. You are our inspiration. To capture and frame the essence of your wedding – the film has to reflect you. We are passionate at capturing your uniqueness and the real moments that make up your special day.

Our filming style is candid – We aim to film people naturally, so their characters and smiles can shine through. We want you to have the most relaxed and enjoyable time with your friends and family, meaning we can portray the beauty that you and your loved ones have put together.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, but we travel nationwide. Wedding cinematography is our passion, and we adore delivering beautiful, cinematic wedding films to couples all over Ireland and the world.

Call us at +353 861038573 to chat about your big day! -Lia



Romantic Coordinator
Tell me all about how you two met! I make sure your wedding video captures your personality and style. I am guilty of smiling ear to ear while editing beautiful moments from your wedding. When not filming or editing wedding video, you can catch me strumming on a ukulele or reading a book.


Superhero Videographer
The best thing about being a wedding videographer is surprising you with details you wouldn't notice without a video. I make sure nothing precious about your wedding is overlooked! I love animals, and when I have free time, I like hopping on a plane to seek adventure and meet new people.

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We’re based in Dublin, Ireland, but we’re prepared to travel when it comes to capturing your story.